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Spotlight on PNR Glenn Freund

Glenn Freund  has been an outstanding team member of WPHHA physical therapists team since May, 2014. Glenn received a B.A. in English Writing from University of Pittsburgh in 1982. Twenty five years later Glenn’s career took a sharp turn towards health care when he received an A.S. in physical therapy from CCAC Boyce Campus. Since then Glenn has been working in the PT field. “Physical therapy, like health care in general has been an adventure, as I have worked in dozens of skilled nursing facilities and home care agencies.  I enjoy any type of hands on experience and challenge and this career has been the most rewarding of my life” says Glenn. In 2014 Glenn decided to proceed his career at nonprofit because it “makes everyone a little more accountable.” “Home care is the most intimate and comfortable environment as far as interacting with the patients, and most of the patients are highly independent and know pretty much exactly what they want during their therapy time,” shares Glenn. On his free time Glenn likes to be actively involved in his community gardening.He is also a Planning Commissioner in Wilkinsburg boro. Great job, Glenn! WPHHA is proud to have you on board as a PRN!