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Payment Options for your treatment Western Pennsylvania Home Health Association is dedicated to partnering with local and national financial resource organizations that can assist our patients and allow them to choose the care that is most affordable to them and which best fits their treatment needs.

Some of our patients may not have the financial resources available to fully pay for our services.  We believe that our mission as a Non-profit organization is to provide care to our patients in as many aspects as possible including helping them to finance their treatment. This includes furnishing resources and information that can help.

Below is a list of some local and national payment options that we recommend:

VA Aide and Attendance

In addition to these valuable resources we are happy to provide our patients with more traditional payment options. We are happy to partner with the following Health Insurance and Managed care providers in the community on an in-network basis:



Health America





Tricare Prime


WPHHA also participates in the various County and State Waiver programs such as PDA Waiver and Options and is also a provider for the Office of Intellectual Disability and the their support programs.