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WPHHA offers a wide variety of rehabilitation services:

Physical Therapy

Do you need assistance in improving functional problems related to your bones, joints, muscles, or nerves, such as balance issues or physical weakness? Whether you suffered an accident that left you impaired or are just going through the natural aging process, Western Pennsylvania Home Health Association’s experienced physical therapists can help by developing a personalized treatment plan to accommodate your specific physical therapy needs.

Occupational Therapy

Are you struggling to perform the activities of daily living such as dressing, grooming, or bathing? Our occupational therapists can evaluate your living situation, identify problems, and provide the treatments necessary to help you regain your functional mobility so you can once again achieve your independence. Sometimes their recommendations may include home modifications such as grip bars in the shower, lowered cabinets in the bathroom or kitchen, and accessibility ramps replacing stairs.

Speech Therapy

Our certified speech-language pathologists can assist patients who are suffering from communication or swallowing disorders so they can communicate more effectively or eat and drink safely. They can also help improve auditory comprehension, problem solving and memory, as well as speech characteristics.