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  • Medical Social Services—Western Pennsylvania Home Health Association Social Services staff plays a critical role in the emotional and psycho-social aspect of our patients’ health care. Some of the services they provide include: case management, advance directives, crisis intervention, financial assessment, and grief counseling.
  • My Wishes- There are many things that are out of our hands. The My Wishes document gives a way to control something very important to you and your family- how you are treated if you would get seriously ill. It is an easy-to-complete form that allows you to say exactly what you would like to happen. Once it is filled out and properly signed it is valid under the laws of most states. Pennsylvania recognizes the importance of this document and the patients ability to pre-plan and arrange specific behaviors that they see fit in the event of a serious illness.  For additional questions or to receive a free copy of My Wishes, please contacted WPHHA at 412.421.0909 or e-mail our community care team at Info@WPHHA.com.Medical Social Services